Our Story

Why we built Member Hero

There are dozens of membership plugins out there. And many of them are very established with tons of features.

Knowing this, we knew it'd be impossible to differentiate ourselves by offering more features and add-ons. Especially when some of these plugins have  been around for over a decade!

Instead, we opted to take a  simpler approach: We identified 3 key users and the 1 thing we believe matters most for each of them. We then built Member Hero based on those 3 guiding principles.


For Website Owners

Writing a blog is one thing, but building an entire membership site all by yourself, when you can't code, can be a scary undertaking.

We've often heard that this is the main reason people opt to use more expensive platforms that they can't customise and don't own. 

With that in mind, we made Member Hero as unintimidating as possible, so that anyone can make full use of all our features, without coding anything.


For Developers

As WP developers ourselves, we know how frustrating it is when a plugin doesn't play nice with the rest of a website's existing setup. Or when the codebase is an impossible mess to build upon.

Starting from scratch, with no technical debt, let us prioritise making our plugin incredibly easy to extend and scale.

We can't wait to see what people build on top of us!


For Your Members

WordPress websites sometimes get flak for looking clunky and outdated, or not prioritising usability.

We know your membership site is a reflection and extension of you. Because of this, we focused on creating a polished and intuitive interface for your members, that just works.

We want you to feel proud of what you've built, and make it simple for your members to get signed up and be active on your site.

If our guiding principles resonate with you, we think you might enjoy using Member Hero. Get early access and try us out for free.

Meet the little team behind Member Hero

I'm Lesley, the person writing this, hello! 👋🏼

I live in Singapore 🇸🇬, and I met Ahmed, who lives in Egypt 🇪🇬, online through IndieHackers. Earlier this year, he posted on the forum looking for a co-founder to help with marketing, product and business. I emailed him to say I was interested and we've been working closely together ever since. Despite living on different continents, we work well together and take care to learn about each other's cultures, hobbies and families.

We've both been working remotely for years now (even before we knew each other) and are big fans of it. Products like Slack, Trello, and Notion  make it easy for little remote teams like us to exist in 2019.

Remote working is something I am passionate about, so please feel free to reach out if you would like to chat with me about it!

Ahmed Fouad 🇪🇬

Technical Co-Founder

Ahmed has been developing profitable WordPress plugins for over a decade. He was the lead developer on both UserPro and Ultimate Member, which are both profitable WordPress membership plugins. Member Hero is the culmination of everything he's learnt (along with plenty of what not to do, which is just as important).

Lesley Sim   🇸🇬    🔗

Business Co-Founder

Lesley started her career doing B2B marketing for the World's Best Airport (Changi Airport). Within the past decade, she's worked for global advertising networks and on some of the largest brands in the world (including Subway and Nescafe). She now runs her own digital marketing agency on the side, while passionately building and growing Member Hero.