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Video: Walk through of Newsletter Glue beta

Here are some timestamps so that you know what I’m covering:

0:44 Onboarding starts: I’ll go from setting up Newsletter Glue from the first time to sending the first post to subscribers in 2 min 30 secs.

4:07 “Send as newsletter” features inside the WordPress editor: This is what you see for every post you send. We pre-load defaults for you so you don’t have to fill everything out from scratch for every post you send.
You can change the defaults in Settings.

8:18 Status log: See the sent/not sent status for every newsletter you send. Even when you send multiple newsletters from one post.

9:05 Connect: This is where you add new integrations to your email service providers (ESPs). Right now, we’ve only got Mailchimp, but we plan on connecting lots more ESPs and other apps in the future!

9:51 Settings: Here’s where you can change your email defaults (the pre-filled stuff in the WordPress editor). 

There’s also a Custom CSS section which you can use to add CSS to your newsletter which won’t show up in your post.

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