Our Pricing


Founding Member*

Limited time only.

  • All add-ons we build (including updates) for the next 24 months
  • Unlimited licenses
  • Priority support for the next 24 months
  • After 24 months, users will be invited to convert to our latest pricing plans at a discounted rate.

*The Founding Member deal lasts till we build the paid subscriptions add-on. After that, we'll move to a yearly pricing model with tiers based on number of licenses and additional add-ons.

 We estimate we'll complete the paid subscriptions add-on by June 2020.

Download our core plugin.

If you haven't already, you can download it for free
on the WordPress Plugins Repository.

Our upfront pricing philosophy

The price on this page will always be the best price available.

We want our customers to feel confident they're getting the best deal possible. Always.

This is why we price with some simple rules:

  • Our prices will increase as our product and support matures and improves.
  • This means you can purchase now and enjoy a lower price - a good deal.
  • Or make a more expensive purchase later, for a more robust plugin - also a good deal.
  • No Black Friday sales. Or any other kinds of sales.  Ever.
  • We'll always tell you in advance if we're planning to raise our prices.

We've adopted this pricing philosophy because we also hate hunting for coupons, delaying purchase decisions to wait for a sale; or worse - impulsively buying something you don't need on Black Friday, then regretting it later.

At Member Hero, we believe you should buy our products if and when you need them, and feel confident that you're not missing out on anything when you do.