Mailchimp Integration

Send your blog posts as newsletter campaigns, sync user data, and register new subscribers to your audience lists with this premium add-on.

  • Deliver posts as newsletter

  • Two-way sync

  • Frontend email list options

Automatically send a newsletter campaign when you publish a post.

Key Features

Deliver posts as newsletter campaigns

Publishing your blog post automatically sends it as a newsletter campaign via Mailchimp to your subscribers. 

Posts are automatically formatted into a clean and modern email newsletter for you. 

Each newsletter can be sent to a specific audience, segment and tag.

For users who send out regular email newsletters: Benefit from having an email newsletter archive that is searchable and properly formatted as a blog (because it is one!). 

For users who blog regularly: Benefit from reducing the chore of having to distribute and publicise your blog posts. With a single click, your subscribers can read your entire post in their inbox, or head over to your blog to read it on their browser. 

Coming soon: 

  • More email template options
  • Email signature module (so that you can add a professional share/subscribe sign-off to all your newsletters without it showing up on your blog)

Two-Way Sync

Sync merge tags and user data between Mailchimp and Member Hero.

When a member updates their email address on your website, it gets automatically updated in your Mailchimp Audience. And vice versa.

Any new custom fields created in Member Hero can be created and synced to Member Hero. 

In order to reduce server load, you can toggle on/off syncing.

Enable webhooks to turn on Mailchimp to Member Hero syncing. 

Frontend Email List Options

Users can go their account settings and select which newsletter audiences they would like to be a part of. 

Customise subscription and registration forms

The newsletter subscription form type lets site visitors subscribe to your newsletter without becoming a user on your site. 

Additional features:

  • Turn on/off double-opt in directly through the plugin, without going into Mailchimp.
  • Select which audience to add new subscribers.
  • Add check box in form to let a user confirm they want to be added to the mailing list. 

Bulk subscribe/unsubscribe

Admin can bulk subscribe/unsubscribe users to audiences in the users list of their WordPress backend.

Bulk select based on user roles or date registered. 

Other features

We've built in many other features to ensure seamless integration between your WordPress site and Mailchimp, so that you can effortlessly manage your members-only publication. 

Here are some additional features we've built:

  • Clear cache - So that your updates will be immediately reflected
  • Requests log - For troubleshooting



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First Released

Mar 2020


25 Mar 2020

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